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In the past few years, we've made so much progress towards equality. Marriage equality became the law of the land, feminism went from being a bad word to being a huge trend, and millions of people stood up and let the world know that Black Lives Matter.

While our progress has been undeniable, big challenges lie ahead. But there is no generation better equipped to take those challenges on than yours. You're the most diverse and inclusive generation ever. You value equality, and what's more – you're ready to fight for it.

MTV's "Look Different" campaign is here to help you contextualize the current threats to equality, empower you to rebel against injustice and show you how to protect yourself from hate. We'll help you unlearn biases, open up conversations with family & friends and always give you specific things you can do to fight for what's right.

For questions/comments: support@lookdifferent.org. Journalists: press@lookdifferent.org.

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