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Your generation is widely known to be the most diverse and inclusive generation ever. For you, race doesn't matter when picking a President, sexual orientation doesn't matter when it comes to marriage and gender is irrelevant when there's a job to be done. You guys are f------ rad!

Despite our progress, discrimination today can be really subtle. Sometimes we fail to see the biases right in front of our eyes – or just beneath the surface.

MTV's "Look Different" campaign is here to help you erase the hidden racial, gender and anti-LGBT bias all around us. We'll help you unlearn biases, open up conversations with family & friends and always give you specific things you can do to make things better.

The truth is, we're all a little biased – even MTV. But if we all do more to challenge bias, we can help create a more equal future. So let's get to it.

For questions/comments: support@lookdifferent.org. Journalists: press@lookdifferent.org.

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